Message to Year 10 Pupils

Hello and welcome back 

I am so looking forward to seeing you all next week, albeit only a part return. I have already communicated with your parents and I know that Mr Convey has sent out the timetables. Unfortunately, you will only be attending initially for one day per week. However, I know that you will receive the face to face support you need, this will compliment your home learning, that will continue, on the days that you are not in school.

I can reassure you that the measures in place are to reduce any risks to you as much possible, as your safety is paramount to me in this process. However, I want you to look forward to your return. Your teachers have been planning for this and are dedicated to making your return as supportive as possible. We are all here to listen to you, help you and support you, both emotionally and academically.

I do not want you to worry at all about the amount of work that you have done, or not done, during these very challenging times. Teachers have been into school this week to plan for your return and they are all looking forward to seeing you. We are also prepared and ready to support any learning that has been missed.

You will be required to bring in a packed lunch and maybe a snack for breaktime. The group that you have been assigned to will remain in one classroom, during the morning. These sessions will consist of 1 hour each of Mathematics, English and Science. Support and guidance in your option subjects will be delivered in room 21, after lunch. This will be very supportive and about ensuring you can talk through any difficulties, that you might have in completing work.

I anticipate you will be familiar with the restrictions we have to adhere to e.g. social distancing; however, we will be going over what is expected of you, on your first session in school.

I ask you to look again at the welcome poster, emailed earlier this week. Below is a list of things to consider, in case you haven’t seen the letter I sent to your parents:

  • It is important that you follow the new measures in place, to ensure your own safety and the safety of others.
  • Please talk to your teachers about any anxieties, that you might feel.
  • Follow the social distancing rule of 2 metres, on your way to and from school.
  • All pupils will come into school via the main entrance.
  • You will need to bring in a pen, pencil, rubber and ruler.
  • Do not worry about bringing in books, however, any work that you would like to show to teachers, or work to discuss in your mentoring session, would be helpful.

You must now have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend. I would like to say that I think you and your parents have all done an amazing job in home learning, in very challenging times. I cannot emphasis enough how much I have missed seeing you all in school. I myself am certainly looking forward to you returning next week.

Take care and have a safe weekend.

Mrs Mitchell