Votes for Schools

The Votes for Schools PowerPoint can be found using the link below, I would like you to e-mail your Form Teacher with your vote and they will be able to enter this for you. There is also an activity pack and useful tips on how to study at home. The lessons will get you thinking about how to make the best of the current situation, no matter your learning style, while also introducing you to additional skills you can develop while working from home.

It is really nice to hear that so many of you are regularly communicating with your teachers. Don’t forget to keep your diary, about how you and your families are coping in these difficult times.

Take care, 
Mrs Mitchell

26/06/2020 "Do causes need celebrities to gain our support?"

19/06/2020 "Are you ready for the new normal?"

04/06/2020 Votes for Schools "Will the recent anti-racism protests lead to change in the US?" 

15/05/2020 Votes for Schools "Do you get enough sleep?"

11/05/2020 Votes for Schools "Could you be a first settler on Mars?"

VE Day Activity Pack

01/05/2020 Votes for Schools "Should every Country follow the same Coronavirus advice?"

22/04/2020 Votes for Schools "Should teenagers be in charge of their own money?"

30/03/2020 Votes for Schools "Can we learn more outside the classroom?"