Jun 6, 2019

The final Maths booster

 9.50am until 12.05 (P2 & 3 - includes a break)  

Mrs Lloyd : Room 9

Mr Webb : Room 20


·     “Maths Brain” Warm Ups

·     “Predicted Paper” (written by best Maths Teachers/Heads of Maths in UK)

·      Predicted Topic List (saves wasting revision time on unlikely topics)

·     Multiple Choice Questions

·     Loads exam technique tips and advice!

Year 11, it has been a genuine pleasure and absolute privilege to teach you over the last few years, you have done yourselves so proud, we have genuinely loved teaching you. You’ve worked SO HARD, let’s finish off with one last booster lesson so that we don’t risk compromising all that hard work. There will be a break. You’ve been utterly brilliant! Please come, even if just for part of it.

We would love to see you, so... be there or b2.

(Sorry that was a Webb joke!)