May 11, 2020

Young Geographer of the Year Competition

The Young Geographer of the Year is the Royal Geographical Society’s annual competition, which recognises the outstanding work of the next generation of geographers. The competition encourages thoughtful and creative answers to the competition’s theme, which is set each year.

Although we might all be confined to learning Geography at home, we are asking young people to explore their wider geographical horizons. The theme for this year’s competition is to explore the geography of 'The world beyond my window'.

Students will be encouraged to email their work to the Geography department so pupils can be rewarded for their hard work. Mr Smith and Mrs Weaver are happy to assist with submitting entries should students want to take part in this competition.

Entry forms, competition guidelines and FAQs can all be accessed and downloaded from the student’s area of our webpage. You will also find a copy of the PowerPoint students will be emailed during their Geography lessons this week.

If your child would like support with his/her entry or to discuss his/her ideas, they can contact
Mrs Weaver; or Mr Smith;

If you would like to find out more information about the competition, please visit

We look forward to seeing what pupils create.