Design & Technology

Design & Technology - Remote learning.

 Across all the technology department a uniform approach to student’s work has been put in place as if students were in school. Students are still expected to write the date, title and instead of classwork they are writing home learning tasks. R&R tasks also continue to take place in the lessons to provide this consistent approach to learning.

High expectations of students’ work are still expected which are consistent with the in-school experience.

Work is marked in a timely manner and feedback is given to student to improve on. Time is given for students to make these improvements and re-submit their work.

When planning lessons’ teachers look at the scheme of work for the year and ensure that the topics which are covered are viable and represent the learning which would have been covered. As a department we aim to offer a variety of lessons to keep the learning light and differentiated for the pupils for example live lessons via team, voice over PPTs, videos and independent work sheets, online platforms e.g. Seneca

KS3 Design and technology

For design and technology, the work has been adapted to suit the current lockdown. As students are not able to be in the workshop or using the computer programs as planned, students are therefore using this time to recap on topics which were identified as a weakness using term 1’s assessments. In line with this, students are also learning new subject content for their next project. Subject content is taken at a much slower pace to ensure that pupils are understanding the topics taught.

KS4 Design and technology

Y11 students have been making models of their individual products which they have researched and designed for their controlled assessment. Students have been developing their understanding of different modelling materials and how the iterative design process plays an important role in the subject.

In addition to this theory lessons have also taken place using the mock to dictate the topics which are to be covered.