What are we currently working on?

In KS3 students are following these schemes of work:

Year 7 – Geographical Skills

Year 8 – Risky World

Year 9 – Economic Development.

In KS4, both Y10 and Y11 students are working on the Changing Economic World unit of work in line with their AQA GCSE Geography course.

 Although we are following the schemes of work, time has been spent developing the lessons to ensure they are suitable, and supportive for home learning. This involves live lessons, the use of modelling (whether it be plate tectonics on a camping stove, or six figure grid referencing through a visualiser), the development of tasks to ensure they are challenging but achievable and pre-recorded lessons with voiceovers talking students through their learning and expected outcomes.

How are we assessing students this half term?

In KS3 students are completing the following assessments:

Year 7 – Grid referencing using the local area.

Year 8 – Mount St Helens Newspaper Report.

Year 9 – Economic development assessment questions.

In KS4, both Y10 and Y11 students will be completing an assessment paper on the Changing Economic World unit in line with their GCSE course

Useful websites

In Geography we are fortunate enough to have some great websites available to support the students learning and to help them to research independently topics they are interested in. These websites are also great when helping them to prepare ready for their assessments. (KS3/KS4) (KS3/KS4) (KS3/KS4) (KS3/KS4) (KS3/KS4)