What are we currently working on?

In KS3 students are following these schemes of work:

Year 7 – The medieval world

Year 8 – Early modern Britain

Year 9 – War and Conflict

In KS4, Year 11 students are working on the Weimar and Nazi Germany module in keeping with the Edexcel GCSE History course.

While adhering to the schemes of work, lessons have been adapted to ensure they are appropriate for home learning. This involves live lessons, the use of modelling for historical source analysis and essay planning, the development of blended learning tasks to ensure they are challenging but achievable and pre-recorded lessons with voiceovers so that pupils can engage with lessons at their own pace while being talked through their learning.

How are we assessing students this half term?

In KS3 students are completing the following assessments on:

Year 7 – Why Christianity was so important in medieval England.

Year 8 – What caused the English Civil War.

Year 9 – Post WWI Europe and the rise of fascism.

In KS4 Y11 students will be completing an assessment paper on the growth of Nazi support in Germany in line with their GCSE course

Useful websites

There are a number of excellent websites that offer the opportunity to conduct research online. While they differ in their approach, they offer a great path to independent research and as a way to prepare for assessments.