Personal Development

Personal Development

What are we currently working on?

In year Year 7 and Year 8: Students are looking at Life in the Future using new technologies such as AI and Quantum Computing. This has led on from pre-lockdown work on the dangers of the internet! Recently students have been researching AI and Robots and then designing their own Robots. As part of wellbeing day students can have a go a building their own model robots.

In years 9, 10 and 11: Students are looking at jobs/college places and apprenticeships as part of IAG on Careers in the future.

With Year 11 particularly lessons have been about ensuring mock grades match the sort of qualifications required to get into college to follow the courses they want to follow.

In Y10 IAG has been discussing/researching possible career pathways PLUS an open forum to discuss any issues both inside and outside school related to Lockdown.(mental Health).

Year 9: as above but looking at possible OPTIONS choices.

Schemes of work are being adapted to ensure both concepts and activities are suitable, and supportive for home learning. Lessons involve both live and pre-recorded lessons plus some email based tasks.

How are we assessing students this half term?

Assessment is NOT formalised but based on ensuring engagement in lessons by attendance reports to live lessons and return of email/written tasks as requested.

ATLs inform engagement.