Religious Studies

Religious Studies

What are we currently working on?

In KS3 students are following these schemes of work:

Year 7 and Year 8 – Ways of Living

Year 9 – Religion and Young People followed by Life after Death

Schemes of work are being adapted to ensure both concepts and activities are suitable, and supportive for home learning. Lessons involve both live and pre-recorded lessons, tasks that ask students to explore different religions but also challenge them to explore their own views, and assignments to gage their understanding of the concepts we are covering.

 How are we assessing students this half term?

Students are completing the following assessments:

Year 7 and Year 8 – What are commitment ceremonies and why are they important within religion?

Year 9 – Religion and Young People Assessment questions including a discuss question which will ask them to appreciate either side of a debate, include religious examples they have covered and provide their own opinion on the statement.

Useful websites

There are some good websites available to support the students learning and to help them to research independently topics they are interested in. These websites are also great when helping them to prepare ready for their assessments.