Within our Art programme, students learn about the creative process used by artists and designers. 

Project work will enable them to develop observational drawing skills, build knowledge of artists and give them the opportunity to improve their technical skills which have been developed during the course of study.


Year Group Topic
Year 7  

  Elements of Art

  Using line and tone

  Drawing from observation

  Working in the style of a range of artists – Mondrian and   Hundertwasser

  Drawing and painting

  One point and two point perspective

  Working with a range of different materials

  Beginning to use Art vocabulary to describe Art

 Year 8  

  Cultural research – African, Aboriginal and North American

  Working in 3D

  Drawing from observation

  Working in the style of Andrea Joseph and Kurt Schwitters

  How to draw the features of the face

  How to draw a face

  Working in the style of a range of different artists

  Understanding how to analyse Art

Year 9

  Looking at the work of Ruth Piper and Teesha Moore

  Working at a small scale

  Drawing from observation – chess pieces

  Looking at the artist Samuel Bak

  Painting showing 3D

  Drawing from nature

  Looking at the Pop Art, Paolozzi, Paisley and Art Deco

  Understanding how to develop ideas

  Use subject specific vocabulary to describe Art and form opinions