The school’s vision is modelled in the MFL curriculum, where we believe in inclusive education for all. We believe that all of our students deserve a curriculum that meets their differing needs and enables them to fulfil their unique potential. We want our students to be successful members of our community and to maximise their life opportunities. It is the intention of our curriculum to enable this.

Our curriculum principles are to:

Adapt our curriculum to meet the unique needs of all of our learners.
Stretch and challenge all learners over 5 years, taking into account different starting points.
Develop effective literacy and communication skills – therefore creating learners who are confident and competent listeners, readers, writers and speakers.
Embed a range of wider opportunities and experiences for all, to ensure our learners have an educational experience that is rich and varied.
As a result, the MFL curriculum will:

Ensure all students understand the value of learning a foreign language
Ensure students have a cultural understanding, which is embedded into the SoW, giving students the opportunity to appreciate and understand world diversity
Ensure students of all abilities have the opportunity to learn and achieve in a foreign language
Ensure that students are able to express themselves and communicate in a foreign language
Ensure that MFL lessons build on grammar skills taught in English language lessons, giving them a more in-depth knowledge of how language works
Aim to meet the differing needs of students and allow them to achieve their own potential
Ensure that students follow a Year 7-11 curriculum, building on skills and knowledge to ensure best outcomes at GCSE
Ensure that all students have regular feedback, verbally and written to ensure they can build on prior knowledge and move their learning forward, including regular assessments
Create an environment which encourages students to build their confidence



Topics covered

Year 7

  Meeting & greeting

  Numbers 1 to 31


  Birthdays / dates

  Spanish alphabet

  What is in your bag?

  Around the classroom

  Present tense verbs

  Día de los Muertos (Halloween)

  School subjects

  Expressing an opinion

  Christmas in Spain

  Telling the time



  Describing yourself & others

  Describing where you live (rooms/bedroom)
  Daily routine

Year 8   Free time activities


  Future tense

  Describing your town

  Conditional tense


  Making & responding to invitations


  Tv programmes


  Clothes (opinions & uniform)Shops & shopping

Year 9

  Food & drink

  Ordering in a restaurant & menus

  Shopping for food & quantities

  Higher numbers

  Past tense

  Holidays (past / present / future)

  Spanish-speaking countries

  Body parts & illness

  Healthy lifestyle
  Presenting yourself (GCSE style)