Our Music course is a thoroughly enjoyable, albeit demanding, course which includes a listening, performing and composing element.  Students will develop their understanding through four Areas of Study. 

These provide focus and detail of specific areas of music.  In the course they will learn how to compose and develop skills in performing and appraising music.

This is a practical course, incorporating a wide variety of performing opportunities (singing and playing pitched percussion instruments and keyboards) both individually and in groups. Listening and composing activities are integral to what we do as well. The department incorporates topics on graphic scores, the elements of music and an introduction to musical notation and musical structures, as well as Medieval music, Gamelan, film music, major/minor tonalities and musical devices in later years. The curriculum continues with the study of Blues, Music for special occasions, improvisation techniques and Reggae.

Our school provides an excellent music course, encompassing a huge variety of musical styles allowing for students with all types of musical interests to be stimulated, to enjoy their work and achieve well. This course will help you if you are a musician and intend to continue with your studies to A Level. It will offer you the unique opportunity to gain an appreciative and critical response to different styles of music.

Instrumental Teaching

We currently offer instrumental tuition in the following instruments:- woodwind, upper and lower strings, brass, drum kit, guitars and singing. Lessons are provided by the Staffordshire Performing Arts for an additional charge.