Votes for Schools

Votes for Schools was created to give all young people a better knowledge of current affairs and get them voting!

Each week, form tutors share a Powerpoint presentation on a topic and pupils submit their vote.

See below for topics and results of voting:

12/09/20 - "Have we forgotten about the environment this year?"

05/09/2020 - "Does the curriculum represent you?"

28/09/2020 - "Is 'cancel culture' unfair?"

21/09/2020 - "Should everyone volunteer in their community?"

14/09/2020 - "Should students wear masks in school?"

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  • And the results are: Kidsgrove Secondary School pupils voted: YES 42.1%, No 57.9%

07/09/2020 - "Is the opt-out system the best way to increase organ donation?"