Votes for Schools

Votes for Schools was created to give all young people a better knowledge of current affairs and get them voting!

What is SMSC?
SMSC stands for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Every school in England needs to be able to show pupil progress in SMSC. As part of the weekly vote, VotesforSchools, provides SMSC resources as a basis for informed decision-making, directly meeting the needs of children.

All Votes for Schools SMSC resources are Ofsted-compliant, as demonstrated in the guidelines of 2015.

What are British Values?
According to Ofsted, fundamental British values are:

  • Democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

Using VotesforSchools as a resource for Tutor Time or in a 45 minute lesson, makes for consistent, quality delivery of British values, week in, week out.

What is Prevent?
The Prevent agenda, involves safeguarding vulnerable young people from radicalisation. VotesforSchools encourages students to voice different views, demonstrating that opinions are different to facts and should be supported with an informed evidence base.

A VoteDiary encourages students to develop skills such as tolerance, understanding and empathy.

Curriculum Map
VotesforSchools provides weekly curriculum content for teachers to deliver SMSC (including British values), Prevent and Pupil Voice. It also supports PSHE and Citizenship
Every lesson hits SMSC, Prevent and British values criteria and can be evidenced against the curriculum.

Click here to view Curriculum Guide.

Teachers are given curriculum maps each week which clearly show which curriculum requirements are being met.

See below for topics and results of voting:

  Date   Topic   Home Information    Sheet   KSS Results The following curriculum areas were met in this VoteTopic 
23/11/2020 "Are we too influenced by the US?" Click here TBC Click here
16/11/2020 "Is it important to fit in at school" Click here  Yes 100% No 0% Click here 
09/11/2020 "Could you break a record?" Click here Yes 44% No 56% Click here 
 02/10/2020 "Would you want to be a politician right now?" Click here  Yes 16% No 84%  Click here
  19/10/2020 "Will cinemas disappear in your lifetime?" Click here  Yes 53% No 47%  Click here
  12/10/2020   "Have we forgotten about the environment this year?" Click here   Yes 73% No 27% Click here

  "Does the curriculum represent you?"

Click here   Yes 31% No 69%  Click here

  "Is 'cancel culture' unfair?"

Click here    YES 77% NO 23%  Click here
  21/09/2020   "Should everyone volunteer in their community?" Click here   YES 45% NO 55%  Click here
  14/09/2020   "Should students wear masks in school?" Click here   YES 42%, No 58%  Click here
  07/09/2020   "Is the opt-out system the best way to increase organ donation?" Click here   YES 63% No 37% Click here