Summer School 2021

Kidsgrove YMCA Summer School Poster

Kidsgrove Secondary School Summer School Session Overview:

Monday 26th July: 2D-3D art

Throughout the course of this session, young people will learn key artistic skills, from drawing and painting to sculpting. They will start 2D with paper and work their way up through each workshop to create a beautiful sculpture by the end of the day. This session will be led by one of our resident fine artists. 

Tuesday 27th July: Going Green

Today’s session will be focusing on the great outdoors and giving back to the community. We will be helping to spruce the school grounds up by planting some flower patches and doing some gardening. Throughout the day the young people will be learning on how to be greener for the planet. The young people will also be planting small seeds and plants to take home and grow!

Wednesday 28th July: B-Arts Workshop

Our fabulous friends at B-Arts are sending across some local artists to create a space for the young people to learn, be inspired and create to their hearts content for the day!

 Thursday 29th July: Lights, Camera, Action!

Throughout this session the young people have a chance to be as dramatic as they can be! We will be having fun with some social media themed challenges to warm up before they set out to write, direct, design and act out their very own soap opera, complete with costumes and props! It will be a day to remember!

Friday 30th July: Sports Spectacular!

Rounding the week up with a bang, we have our Sports Spectacular session. A session complete with multiple sports so there is something for everyone! We will get everyone up on their feet and there will be prizes to win throughout the day, have you got what it takes to stay on top?