At Kidsgrove Secondary School we have taken a new and fresh approach to school improvement.

We are utilising piratical stratgeies to develop our wonderful school community.

We are utilising agile planning, which sees the staff sprinting to make fast and effective change linked to our whole school priorities.  This is much like a speed boat compared to an oil tanker.  The use of smaller teams to bring about a faster pace of improvement.

We ask for colleagues to lead sprints by holding scrum meetings and using agile techniques to make improvements based on our whole school improvement priorities.

Each scrum has a focus which impacts the school's direction and makes sure that we are providing the best that we can for the students.  These range from teaching and learning foci to how to continue to develop our achievement culture.

The scrum masters take on this reponsibility to make the changes needed so that we see rapid and sustainable change come into effect.

Please see below a slideshow of a few of our achievements using sprints so far..