Kidsgrove Secondary works in partnership with ‘Caterlink’ during the services of breakfast, mid-morning break and lunchtime.

School Meals Information

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Applications for Free School Meals

Staffordshire County Council have now introduced an online self-checking service. This means that parents apply by inputting all of the same details as previously completed on the paper forms, but the system will then automatically check with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to see if they are entitled. They will then be given an instant decision and any successful application forwarded to the Free School Meals Entitlement Team to set up on the system and advise the school.

The applicant then has the opportunity to print a copy of the page confirming their entitlement, and so could send this to the school to start the meals on the same day. For those not eligible, should you believe there is an error you will be requested to forward paper proof as before.

To apply online click here.

Due to restrictions upon use of the service, Staffordshire County Council are unable to accept applications over the telephone. They must be via the new online checking system or in writing via post or fax using the forms below.

Please be aware that applications for free school meals cannot be back dated. The start date will be the date the application was successfully made if using the online checking system, or the date the application was received at the council offices if sending a paper copy.