Attendance Matters!

At The Kidsgrove Secondary School, we are committed to working together with pupils, parents and the community to ensure all children receive the best education possible, enabling them to make progress and do as well as they can. Our new attendance and punctuality policy includes procedural referral agreements that are designed to promote and safeguard the welfare of pupils. Please refer to our Attendance & Punctuality Policy here.

Missing school means missing out. Children should be in school, on time and ready to learn every day school is open unless the reason for absence is unavoidable. If a pupil of compulsory school age is absent, every half day absence has to be classified by school as either AUTHORISED or UNAUTHORISED. Only school can authorise the absence, not parents. We require information about the cause of each absence every day a pupil is off.

Here at KSS we believe that good attendance is essential for pupils to achieve their best at school.

We work closely with parents and VIP Education to support and promote the importance of regular school attendance.

As part of our attendance strategy, we monitor and address attendance patterns using a traffic light system.  

The 3 different attendance zones are:-

RAG Table

As a school, we wish to work closely with parents to help and support all pupils to move into or stay in the GREEN ZONE.

As these are such important targets, special awards are presented to pupils who achieve 100% attendance each term.

Each ’Attendance Zone’ represents different levels of absence. 

Green Zone
Pupils in the ‘Green Zone’ have an attendance level of 96% or more.  This recognises patterns of good to excellent school attendance and pupils that fall within this band are more likely to do well at school and achieve good results.

Amber Zone
Pupils in the ‘Amber Zone’ have an attendance level of between 93 to 95.9%.  Pupils with this level of attendance are cause for concern and are at risk of under achieving at school.

Red Zone
Students in the ‘Red Zone’ have an attendance level of below 93%.  Pupils in this zone are regularly absent from school and less likely to achieve their potential.  These pupils are closely monitored by the Education Welfare Service.

If your child cannot come to school because of illness or family emergency you should advise the school on each morning of absence by contacting the attendance manager on 01782 948267 before 08:30 or text 07943109299 (texts only) or email

Any absences where a reason is not supplied will be marked as unauthorised. In cases of continuous absence where we receive no communication from you and we have reasons to be concerned we may ask our Education Welfare Officer to carry out a home visit.

Repeated non-attendance could result in a Penalty Notice being issued by the Local Authority (see unauthorised absence information)

If your son/daughter experiences any problems with regards to attendance please contact the school as soon as possible as we may be able to help by providing appropriate support.

Why is regular attendance so important? 

✔  To achieve your full potential.
✔  To learn and make new friends.
✔  To build confidence and self esteem.
✔  To develop a wide range of new skills.
✔  To develop social skills.
✔  To develop awareness of other cultures and be part of the wider community.

It is very important to attend school every day on time.

Registers are marked in the morning at 8:40am and an afternoon register is marked during period 4 at 12:30. School starts at 8:40am and all students should be in their form room in preparation for the register being taken.

When children are late to school they are required to sign in and will receive a 20-minute detention that day starting at 15:05.

Here at KSS we like to reward pupils for their great attendance during the year.  Here are just a few of the reward schemes we have in place:

•  10 achievement points issued  for completing a full week in school.
•  Reward trips for good attendance.
•  Bronze, Silver and Gold 100% attendance termly badges with certificates.
•  Prize draws and shopping vouchers.
•  Praise postcards home

How can parents help?

✔  Contact the school promptly on the first morning of every absence.
✔  Ensure contact numbers and address details are up to date.
✔  Encourage your child to attend school regularly.
✔  Support the school in ensuring that your child arrives promptly at school every morning.
✔  Make every effort to arrange medical and dental appointments outside of school hours.
✔  Contact the school to discuss any problems or emerging issues with your child.
✔  Praise and reward your child’s achievements at school.

Term Time Holidays

At KSS, we are aware that there will be exceptional circumstances where leave of absence may need to be given. The Headteacher may grant special permission but this must be requested in advance and you should be prepared that some may not be authorised.

If you make the decision to take your child out of school without permission, then the absence does have to be recorded as unauthorised and a Fixed Term Penalty notice may be issued.

To request a holiday please download the below form and return the completed form to the attendance officer. Please include as much information as possible including any employer covering letters.

Here at KSS, we work closely with VIP Education and our school Educational Welfare Officer, Karen Wood.

Karen works alongside school staff and families to remove barriers to attendance.

VIP Education offer a responsive and professional Education Welfare Service to support schools to ensure that all children and young people are able to maximise their Educational opportunities through regular attendance.

The greater the attendance the greater the achievement.

If you require any support from Karen, she can be contacted on 07710 392387

Please click here to download a Holiday Request Form.