It is our belief that the school curriculum is essential in determining, moulding, and empowering the young people to find their place in modern society.

The curriculum has at its heart the notion that to develop young people in holistically there is a need to develop them socially, intellectually, physically, spiritually, culturally, and digitally.
The curriculum encompasses our 5 core values; Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication. This is enhanced through the use of our House System.

To meet this end, we have an ambitious and comprehensive programme of subjects that are coherently planned and sequenced in what we call the taught curriculum and a rich diet of personal, cultural, and spiritual experiences within the personal development programme.

We believe that having a rich variety of opportunity in this way, we create the possibility of individualised and personalised pathways into further education or the world of work, for our young people. This belief is underpinned by our core values and the use of digital technologies to maximise the implementation and impact of the curriculum.

  • The curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced so that it is flexible and ambitious for all students from different starting points; all new skills and knowledge build on prior learning.
  • A curriculum that encourages breadth of study at KS3 that is sequential leading to studies at KS4.
  • A curriculum that is inclusive of all student needs.
  • A curriculum that is strengthened by the use of digital technologies to remove barriers in the classroom and enhance lifelong digital skills; delivered through a 1:1 iPad solution.
  • A curriculum that recognises the importance of Mathematics and English.This is reflected in the additional curriculum time allocated to these subjects so that students have the essential skills needed for their future.
  • A curriculum that strongly encourages students to follow the EBacc pathway where this is appropriate.
  • A curriculum that is scaffolded to offer stretch and challenge to all.
  • A curriculum that encompasses the whole school Core Values through it’s intent which supports students’ personal development.
  • An extended curriculum programme that offers a wide variety and opportunities to increase cultural capital; especially with students who may possess a social disadvantage.
  • A curriculum that seeks to embed CIAG opportunities into all subjects to create high aspirations and meet relevant Gatsby Benchmarks.
  • A curriculum with an extensive Personal Development programme encompassing SRE, Citizenship, CIAG, financial capability and personal development that seeks to equip all students with essential life skills.