Does it offer anything after school?

There are lots of extra curricular clubs such as Netball, Football, Basketball, Trampolining, Cross country, Rounders, music, computing and Art to name a few. These will be promoted at the start of every half term and are available on our website.

What happens if I find the work hard?

If you are struggling with any work, ask your class teacher. You can wait until the end of the lesson if you find it easier. But don’t struggle alone.

Your form tutor is also there to help.

What subjects will I be able to study?

You will study core subjects (English, Maths and Science).

You will also study Geography, Technology, Spanish, Art, PE, History, IT and Music.

How does the timetable work?

We work on a two week timetable. This will be given to you on your first day.

Each lesson will be a different subject and with a different teacher.

All lessons are 1 hour long

Do I need my own pens and pencils?

Yes. Every morning your form tutor will check that you have all of your equipment (SMART START). You will need two black pens, two green pens, two pencils, a 30cm ruler, rubber and highlighter. Your iPad will also need to be charged at 60%.

Where can I buy it?

All the uniform and sports kit can be bought from our supplier Smart Uniform in Tunstall.

What sports kit will I need?

You will need the school PE shirt, short and socks (these are compulsory). In cold weather you may can wear the school jogging bottoms or sports leggings and the school hoodie.

What do people wear to School?

All pupils must wear the Kidsgrove Secondary School uniform.

This consists of trousers or a skirt, shirt, tie and blazer. Please see the uniform policy in your pack and on the website.

Can I take a bike? Where can I put it?

Yes you can come to school on your bike. There is a bike shed at the front of the school which is locked after school starts in the morning. Please bring your own lock to secure your bike.

How am I rewarded for my work?

Achievement points are awarded for excellent work and behaviour. These are totalled up at the end of a term and this can result in rewards such as film afternoons or fun activities.

There are also half termly rewards in each subject, praise postcards and Headteachers lunches.

Who’s the best person to talk to if I am having problems?

Your first port of call is your form tutor. They will help with any problem you encounter. Sometimes, they may pass it onto the head of key stage if they cannot help.

Where can I do my homework in my free time?

A homework club has been set up for you to use at lunch and after school. Class teachers will also open their classrooms to help you to complete it.

What happens if it isn’t done?

If homework is not completed on time a 20 minute same day detention is issued. Pupils may be asked to attend homework club to complete it. A behaviour point is also issued.

How much homework do you get?

This will vary depending on the subject and what week on the timetable it is.

Core subjects may give out 2 pieces a week. Other subjects may give out 1 per week.

Where do students go at lunch time?

You can sit in the canteen or the gym to eat your lunch, and then go outside or remain in the gym.

What sort of food is sold? How much do things cost?

The canteen has a varied menu with different hot meals on different days (the menu is posted outside the canteen).

At break time you can get toast, oatcakes, sausage rolls and pastries.

At lunch there will be a meal of the day (curry, pie, burgers) with the addition of pasta, baked potatoes, pizza, sandwiches and a variety of cakes and cookies.

A meal costs £2.40 and a drink between 70p-£1.20.

So you may need approximately £3.50 per day.

If you receive free school meals, you can collect your card from reception.

What times are break-times and lunch time?

Break time is at 11.10 until 11.30am

Lunch time is 1.30pm until 2.05pm

What time does School start/ finish?

Form in the morning starts at 8.35am. Please be in school for 8.30am.

School finishes at 3.05pm